How much does fitted carpet cost per square metre?

Very often here at Hereward Carpets we get asked the question “How much does fitted carpet cost per square metre?”. You may just be looking to refresh a room at home, or you may have a new property to furnish. Either way, you may be wondering how much it will cost to supply and fit […]

Minions carpet from Despicable Me 3

Following the recent blockbusting childrens (and adults will like it!) film Despicable Me 3, we have taken delivery of some of the carpet from the movie with lots of Minions on it! If you have a child or know someone who has, I’m sure they will have heard of the Minions and the Despicable Me […]

Everything you need to know about Vivendi Carpet

Following our recent post, we thought we would now write everything you need to know about Vivendi Carpet. The Vivendi range which has 2 qualities called Vibes and Soul is manufactured by Associated Weavers (AW) who are one of the largest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. The company is headquartered in Ronse, in […]

Do people really have carpets fitted before Christmas?

At this festive time of year, our staff members here at Hereward Carpets get asked by their friends and relatives; “Do people really have carpets fitted before Christmas?” We get asked this because most seem surprised that some people really do have carpets fitted before Christmas. It is traditional at this time of year for […]

Benefits of man made carpets

In one of our recent posts, we talked about the benefits of wool carpets. However, that means there are carpets made from man-made fibres still to talk about, so here we will talk about the benefits of man made carpets. Over the last 20 years the technologies in manufacturing  have improved dramatically. We urge you […]

Laminate flooring is not like it used to be!

Dismissed laminate flooring? We ask you to reconsider. Here at Hereward Carpets we often get asked about real wood or engineered wood floors vs laminate flooring and we feel lots of people are put off laminate as their thoughts may be based on the laminate of the 90’s. So, with today’s modern laminates we ask […]

Planning for your new baby

Getting ready for the new arrival Congratulations! Your new baby is on its way! It’s only natural you want to fill your baby’s room with every imaginable item that is on the market to make your life easier and your baby’s life more enjoyable. However, the nursery is often one of the smallest rooms in […]

Benefits of Wool Carpet

Wool carpet has traditionally been known for quality as the fibre is has properties known to withstand pressure. The best wool for carpets needs to be  strong, which is normally found on British and New Zealand sheep as it is naturally engineered to keep them warm! Even though wool has superior strength alone, manufacturers use […]

Is thicker underlay better underlay?

To follow on from our article “New underlay – do I need it?” I wanted to talk a little about the different types of underlay as it is not as straight-forward as choosing the thickest you can find, it is always the case of buy the best you can afford as price is a good […]

New underlay – do I need it?

A common conversation we have with customers is; New underlay – do I need it? Some people think that if they have underlay down they are set for life or for a long period of time and while underlay does last a long time it doesn’t last twice as long as carpets. By this I […]

Is laminate waterproof?

Here at Hereward carpets, we often get asked “Is laminate waterproof?” and up until recently we always said, “no – laminate flooring isn’t waterproof”. However, there is now a really impressive laminate by Quickstep that is actually called …… Impressive, and it has a ‘Hydroseal’ water repellent layer. Modern Designs It is not just the […]