Benefits of man made carpets

Stainfree Carpets by Abingdon Flooring Ltd

Stainfree carpets

In one of our recent posts, we talked about the benefits of wool carpets. However, that means there are carpets made from man-made fibres still to talk about, so here we will talk about the benefits of man made carpets.

Over the last 20 years the technologies in manufacturing  have improved dramatically. We urge you to forget about the nylon carpets you may have brought in the distant past! Back then people would complain of the carpet feeling and looking plasticy but that is no longer the case. There are 2 main types of man-made fibres used in carpet manufacture – polypropylene or Nylon. (Olefin or Polyamide)

Nylon is the hardest wearing

At Hereward Carpets, we believe that carpets made from Nylon are the hardest wearing as they are exceptionally strong and durable. In an 80/20 carpet, nylon is better than polypropylene as the 20% part.  However, there are 2 main types of Nylon in the carpet industry mainly due to the yarn colouring processes.

Space dyed

The manufacture of Space dyed nylon carpets involves manufacturing the white nylon carpet yarn, then dying it to the chosen colour. This means the colour only coats the outer surface of the yarn and because it has been dyed in, means it could be removed (with bleach for example).

Solution Dyed

Solution dyed nylon has its advantages as the colour pigments are added to this yarn during the nylon manufacturing process. This means it has a much better colour fastness (colour retention) when compared to white ‘space dyed’ nylon.

A phrase we hear about this in the trade is the ‘Carrot and the radish’ ! The carrot has it’s colour all the way through, but a radish is red on the outside, but white in the middle!

Polypropylene is the most stain resistant

Due to the way polypropylene yarn is manufactured, nowadays there are normally excellent stain warranties with this type of yarn (all polypropylene yarn resists staining). Look out for brands such as Stainfree,  Stainaway or Stainguard etc. However, polypropylene will flatten more than nylon or wool, so 2-ply yarn helps with this.

You can apply bleach directly to this type of carpet, but we advise to save it as a last resort, dilute with water and use sparingly so as not to damage the carpet.

See it in action by Clicking Here to see the Regency Carefree website.

Regency Carefree carpets

Regency Carefree carpets

Have you seen our blog about the Vivendi carpet by Associated Weavers? It comes with an amazing 25 year wear and stain warranty. Read about it here.

Which is better? I’m afraid we can’t answer that as there are different reasons where one may be better than the other. It is a case of deciding which is best for your situation and budget.