Benefits of Wool Carpet

British Wool

British Wool

Wool carpet has traditionally been known for quality as the fibre is has properties known to withstand pressure. The best wool for carpets needs to be  strong, which is normally found on British and New Zealand sheep as it is naturally engineered to keep them warm! Even though wool has superior strength alone, manufacturers use man-made fibres mixed with wool for many reasons including fibre flexibility, dyeing, heat setting, stain resistance, durability and cost.


Wool carpet will provide excellent performance for many years, as it can offer resilience and long lasting durability. The natural crimp of wool offers valuable bounce-back so that pile crushing is minimal and the effects of tracking and shading are reduced – retaining its appearance for many years.

Wool is a fibre that is naturally resistant to soiling due to its natural oils and outer surface of microscopic scales. Simply vacuuming the carpet will keep it looking good and whilst wool initially repels spills, prompt blotting with paper towels or absorbent cloth is recommended.


Wool carpet add luxurious underfoot comfort and warmth to the home and act as an insulator improving heat retention and energy efficiency.

Wool carpet is good at absorbing sound and helps against echo or room to room noise transfer – ideal for a Hi-Fi Audiophile enthusiast!


Wool carpet has a natural fire resistance, with a slow ignition rate and tests show that it is self extinguishing within seconds. It meets many safety regulations without additional treatments and is favoured in contract locations for this reason.

Carpet with underlay will provide a softer floor to help against injury in falls by the very young or elderly

Indoor Environment

As a natural smart fibre with a complex physical and chemical structure, wool helps to create a balanced atmosphere in the home. It breathes and absorbs humidity in the air, releasing it when the atmosphere becomes dry and helps improve air quality by absorbing airborne toxins.

The minute scales on the fibre’s surface will hold fine dust until vacuumed which helps reduce floating particles. Wool does not give off harmful emissions or promote the growth of bacteria and wool is not a food source for dust mites

The use of a good quality (and appropriate type) of vacuum cleaner for your chosen carpet type will ensure that your new carpet will perform and look great.

Natural and sustainable

Wool grows on sheep, which will graze freely and this is why it is 100% natural and fully sustainable. Shearing is a crucial part of caring for these animals and there is a fresh supply of wool available every year for the carpet industry.


Wool is biodegradable in soil! It will produce nitrogen, sulphur, carbon dioxide and water which are all plant nutrients. Wool is a luxury carpet fibre and holds some distinct qualities to differentiate it from other fibres. It is completely natural, comfortable, fire resistant, durable and even sustainable.

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