What Flooring is most suitable for me?

To help you decide what flooring is most suitable for your home we decided to make this table.   100% PolypropyleneCarpet 80% Wool Carpet Laminate Flooring Vinyl Flooring Karndean DesignFlooring Hard wearing Will the floor shade over time? Stain Resistant Suitable for all dry areas of your home Except Stairs Except Stairs Suitable for wet areas of your […]

Is Thicker Carpet Better Carpet?

Is The Thicker Carpet a Better Carpet?  The simple answer to this is no but if I just said that it would not be much of a good read, so I will explain what the better quality is and what the differences are in all the carpets.The biggest difference in qualities is the part you […]

How Long will my Carpet Last?

How long will my Carpet Last? We often get asked by customers in store “how long a carpet will last?” And in truth this is a very difficult question to answer. There are different factors to take into consideration, which could mean that your carpet wears out sooner or later.  At the end of the day you […]

Carpet Remnants Myth

Carpet Remnants are cheaper than buying from the roll. In all the years we have been working in the carpet trade our customers always come in with the idea that our remnants give a better deal than our stock carpets, while they are not wrong, they are also not right… I will start of explaining […]