Can Dirty Carpets Cause Health Problems

Can Dirty Carpets Cause Health Problems?

Having a busy schedule means carpet cleaning is not usually a priority for hectic homeowners. However, health specialists associate various health issues with dirty carpets. Not cleaning your carpet contributes to the birth of bacteria, mold, and fungi. Not only do these organisms have adverse effects on your overall health but they also pollute the […]

What Carpets Are Best For Under-Floor Heating

What Carpets Are Best For Under-Floor Heating?

Under-floor heating is becoming more and more popular with home builders, but how does this heating system affect your choice of floor covering? You may be wondering whether you can install under-floor heating underneath your carpet? The answer is “yes!” you can, however there are a couple of things to consider when laying carpet over […]

What Carpets Are Best For High Traffic Area

What Carpets Are Best For High Traffic Areas?

The life of your carpet depends a lot on how much ‘foot traffic’ you have at home. Even the best carpets have a short life if they are walked on regularly. However, proper care, carpet cleaning, and maintenance can help you keep your carpet looking great for a several years. Of course it depends on […]

When Should Carpets Be Replaced

When Should Carpets Be Replaced?

How often should you replace your carpets? This is a question we get asked all the time. How long should you leave it before replacing a carpet. There’s no one answer and it will depend on many factors: Type of carpet Damage; wear and tear Traffic Room Plus you may also be thinking of moving […]