Everything you need to know about Vivendi Carpet

Following our recent post, we thought we would now write everything you need to know about Vivendi Carpet. The Vivendi range which has 2 qualities called Vibes and Soul is manufactured by Associated Weavers (AW) who are one of the largest producers of tufted broadloom carpet in Europe. The company is headquartered in Ronse, in East Flanders, Belgium. The main production site is located there too. In 2016, 630 employees produced and sold 27.6 million square metres of carpet. They export to over 55 countries and have sales offices in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Why your new Vivendi Carpet will stay looking good for years

Even the best carpets have an annoying habit attracting accidents including spilled wine and the odd blob of tomato ketchup! Vivendi carpet is almost totally resistant to staining from any household food and drinks. It is designed to protect carpets from the hazards of family life.

How it Works

Associated Weavers have pioneered the use of iVivo yarn as an integral element in the manufacture of Vivendi carpets. This is a technological breakthrough whereby everyday spillages are prevented from causing damage to the carpet pile itself. By cleaning quickly with proprietary cleaning products, spills can now be easily prevented from becoming permanent stains on your new carpet.

Vivendi Free Warranty

Associated weavers are so confident about the technology behind Vivendi carpets that they are offering a full 25-year warranty against accidental spillages in domestic locations. All they ask is that you register your purchase, treat your carpet with care and have it professionally cleaned regularly. Once registered you will receive your warranty guidelines leaflet which contains lots of useful cleaning care and tips plus the special helpline telephone number.

Unique yarn development

iVivo is a completely new yarn, used specifically for the Vivendi range. It is a tenth gauge 100% solution-dyed polyamide fibre that represents years of industry leading work. Its key properties are a combination of versatility and superior stain resistance, so essential for practical applications in any room in your home.   (Click here to read our post about Solution-dyed nylon)

Stress-free Carpet

Vivendi features a new backing called ‘FusionBac’ which makes carpet enjoyably supple for fitting and pleasant for bare feet. Fitting is economical and is particularly suited for use with under-floor heating to make it even cosier. It’s bleach cleanable too – just use a solution of 10% bleach to 90% water to remove many of your everyday stains such as coffee, wine and fruit juice, as well as many other daily hazards.

Vivendi Stress-free carpet by associated weavers

Stress-free Carpet

Lots of choices

Vivendi is launched with 14 subtle colours in either 1695gm twist in the Vibes range, or a heavier 2205gm saxony for the soul range. Both are available in five different widths of 2, 2.5, 3, 4 or 5metres, helping avoiding joins. This makes it very economical for any room in the home from the smallest loo to the biggest lounge.

Vivendi carpet by Associated Weavers

Beautiful range of colours available in ‘Multi-width’

25 Year Double Warranty

Associated Weavers are so confident that their Vivendi carpet will not only meet but exceed your expectations, they have given it an enviable double warranty assurance. This means a full 25 year stain warranty, as well as a full 25 year wear warranty. However, do make sure that you clean the carpet efficiently as outlined in the warranty leaflet when you receive it.

If you are interested in seeing and feeling this carpet for yourself, feel free to pop in and see our Vivendi Vibes or Soul carpet samples we have in store.


Vivendi carpet by Associated Weavers

Vivendi carpet by Associated Weavers