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Dismissed laminate flooring? We ask you to reconsider.

Here at Hereward Carpets we often get asked about real wood or engineered wood floors vs laminate flooring and we feel lots of people are put off laminate as their thoughts may be based on the laminate of the 90’s. So, with today’s modern laminates we ask you to reconsider!

We  have been selling laminate flooring for many years now – probably since the late 1990’s. Back then, laminate was much more basic than it is now. There were no design grooves, not much surface texture, not waterproof and it had to be glued and clamped together when fitting.

Click and Groove!

Laminate Flooring with V-Grooves


However, nowadays as with many things the quality of the laminate has come on in leaps and bounds. All laminate is now precisely manufactured with a ‘Click’ joining system so the boards join together perfectly. Another modern feature is what we call the V-groove which is an effect they have created to make the boards more authentic, and they now come with different size grooves to suit your taste.

Another feature is the surface textures that are now available as they quite often have textures that match with the design features (eg knots and cracks etc) which make the board more authentic.

Why not real wood?

You may ask “Why not just have real wood, as it can be re-sanded”? Well this is true and because real wood is a softer material than laminate it will need re-finishing from time to time. However, laminate is much tougher than real wood and any minor damage can be repaired with repair kits. When it comes to the reality of re-sanding and finishing real wood, can you imagine what’s involved? Your room will need completely emptying for days and you’ll have a house full of dust from all the sanding!

Scratch resistance

Laminate today is also much more Scratch Resistant all quickstep floors receive a ‘Scratch Guard’ treatment which guarantees that Quick-Step floors are up to ten times more scratch-resistant to micro-scratches than floors without ‘Scratch Guard’. *  However, we always recommend the use of an entrance doormat to prevent introduction of debris, dust and sand.

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Expose floorboards?

One option is that some people think about exposing and sanding down the existing floor boards, but the truth is, not everyone’s original floorboards are good enough for this. The chances are the wood may be rotten, had holes cut in for plumbing work or has big gaps to let the cold air in (or spiders)!


I think the best thing in modern laminates is that more ranges are now becoming waterproof. Say goodbye to moisture problems. ‘Majestic’ and ‘Impressive (Ultra)’ laminate floors have an innovative, water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’ coating even in the grooves, so that no water can penetrate. Cleaning has never been so easy and so safe.

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Waterproof laminate

Worry no more

So you can probably tell that our advice would be to not totally dismiss laminate floors.

Feel free to Contact Us to really see what a modern laminate floor can offer. The chances are you might be pleasantly surprised!

Mark and the team at

Hereward Carpets


*Deep(er) scratches, e.g. caused by dust, sand or grit stuck under shoes, can still occur