Measuring service

Free Measuring & Estimating service

We offer a free local measuring service. Feel free to CONTACT US to discuss your requirements

However, if you would prefer to measure yourself, follow this quick guide.

(Hall, stairs and landings can be tricky so we would prefer to pop and do this!)

So, to measure your room, you must measure from wall to wall at the greatest width and length. Don’t forget to measure right into the doorways (A), and into any bay windows!!
(The correct place for ‘door-bars’ to sit is directly underneath the door)

We recommend adding an extra 10cm to accomodate for the British Standard tolerance and for fitting. (BS Tolerance is +/-1.25%, so this means a carpet that is 4m wide can actually come in at 3.95m wide)

 Feel free to measure in feet &/or inches if you prefer –  we can convert it for you.