How much does fitted carpet cost per square metre?

Very often here at Hereward Carpets we get asked the question “How much does fitted carpet cost per square metre?”. You may just be looking to refresh a room at home, or you may have a new property to furnish. Either way, you may be wondering how much it will cost to supply and fit new carpet.

Most of our carpet ranges cost from around £5/sm through to around £40/sm, however, there are some carpets that can cost over £100/sm. As you can guess, when buying a carpet there are a number of factors to consider and we will talk about them now.

Primo Ultra carpet samples by Cormar Carpets

Primo Ultra carpet samples by Cormar Carpets

Carpet cost

The cost of the carpet itself will vary depending on the type and quality of the carpet. There are all sorts of carpets with different textures, styles, colours and patterns and also different materials they are made from (eg wool or man-made). If you are buying a new property it is quite common to have the same carpet laid throughout as this normally works out better by reducing wastage costs. However, if you are doing rooms in different carpets, you may want a better quality for the stairs than you would have in your bedrooms. Some carpet ranges come in 2 or 3 qualities to allow this.

Carpet samples - Naturals

Carpet samples – Naturals

1, Budget Carpet cost

We do supply some budget carpets that can be laid without underlay, but even though they are very low cost, some can be fairly hard-wearing and sometimes look as good as some more expensive carpets. They are ideal for those starting out or quite often used in a rental property.

2, Mid-range carpet cost

In general, I would say our mid-range carpets cost between around £15-£20/sm and you would get a really nice quality carpet when spending this amount, but would typically be man-made fibres (normally polypropylene). Don’t let this put you off as man-made carpets have come on leaps and bounds in the last 10-15years. See below to read more about these carpets.

3, Top end Luxury carpet cost

Lastly, let’s talk about our top end luxury carpets. Typically, these premium carpets would start from around £30/sm and if you can afford this, you will be getting either a very durable hard-wearing carpet, or it may be an ultra-soft toe-sinking luxury carpet! They are generally made from higher quality yarns and materials to give them the look and feel you’re after. The majority of carpets in this category are made from wool, but there are some that are man-made and come with a whopping 25 year double stain and wear warranty. Find out more below.

Tetbury luxury carpet by Riviera Home

Tetbury luxury carpet by Riviera Home

Fitting Costs

The next thing to consider is the cost of getting your carpet fitted as the majority of our customers need their new carpet fitting. However, some people are able to fit the carpet or know someone who can, so decide to buy their carpet on a ‘cash and carry’ basis. We are also often asked if we do Free Fitting. This is not something we believe in as carpet fitters obviously do not work for free, so their wages are being paid for somewhere and some people do not need carpet fitting, so it’s not fair if the cost is included in the carpet price.

As a guide our carpet fitters charge £2.50-£3/sm for general carpet fitting, but there are minimum and surcharges that apply to small and more difficult rooms (eg stairs). Also, if your property is a long way from our location then additional charge will apply here for travel time and costs. As an example, a standard room that was 16sm and local to us would cost around £50 for fitting.

Underlay Costs

Apart from some budget carpets, most carpets will need to be laid onto underlay and stretched on to carpet grippers. Once again, we supply a range of underlays ranging from £4.99/sm to over £10/sm to suit most requirements and budgets. Some underlays are extremely hard-wearing (like Treadmore underlay) but are not so soft under foot, so many people prefer a softer underlay like the cloud 9 Cirrus range with gives more underfoot comfort, but still long-lasting. If you have existing underlay down that you would like to re-use, then we are happy to fit on this, but if your underlay has been down a number of years then now is the time to change it. We often get people come back in and say; “I wish I had new underlay!”

Connoisseur 10 thicker Underlay

Luxury Underlay

Additional costs

Unfortunately there are some additional costs, but these are never hidden from you at Hereward Carpets. Again, some people wonder why these are not included, but some people require some or all of these additional services and some do not.

  • Uplift and dispose of old carpets/floor-coverings. If you are unable to remove and dispose of the old floor-coverings, then this extra work is an extra cost that depends what is being uplifted and how easily it will come up. (eg, is it fully stuck down?)
  • Moving of furniture. In an ideal world our fitters like to have the room they are fitting clear of any obstacles. In some cases it can make it harder or sometimes impossible to fit the carpet correctly. An additional charge will be made for the time involved in moving furniture.
  • Door trimming. If your door doesn’t clear the height of your new carpet then it may need to be trimmed to allow this. This isn’t a service we provide, but we are able to put you in touch with someone who can help.

I hope that has given you lots of information about buying a carpets, but as you can see there are too many options to be able to give a specific cost for carpet. Feel free to visit us or give us a call on 01733 325797 if you have any questions.

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