Do people really have carpets fitted before Christmas?

At this festive time of year, our staff members here at Hereward Carpets get asked by their friends and relatives; “Do people really have carpets fitted before Christmas?” We get asked this because most seem surprised that some people really do have carpets fitted before Christmas.

It is traditional at this time of year for friends and family members to visit one another and celebrate which often includes lots of food, drinks and children! The obvious risk of having carpet fitted before Christmas is that spillages are inevitable, but nowadays, man-made carpets are stain resistant and much nicer than they used to be.

Have you seen our post about the benefits of man-made carpets? Click Here to take a look to find out more.

There is also an amazing new carpet called Vivendi (Soul and Vibes) that comes with a 25 year wear and stain warranty. Click Here to read our blog post all about it.

There are some other amazing carpets by Abingdon Flooring that have a new protection called Aqua Pro-tec. Any liquid that falls on this carpet just sits on tops just like water on a ducks back. This means you have time to grab an absorbent towel to soak it up before it soaks into the carpet. We are able to demonstrate this in store if you wish to see it in action. (We obviously don’t have red wine in store to use though!)

Rd Wine spill

Red wine spill

If you are unfortunate to get a stain on your new carpet there is lots of help and advice from the manufacturer of your new carpet. If you do not know this then let us know as we can help.

Here are a few links to some of our manufacturers helpful pages and videos:

Regency Carefree videos

Abingdon carpet care

Cormar Carpet Care

Now we have discussed having carpet fitted before Christmas, so if you are not desperate for a pre-Christmas fitting, then we would suggest waiting until after as we get extremely busy on the lead up to Christmas, but things get a bit calmer afterwards in January when things get back to normal.

Best wishes and Happy Christmas

from Mark and the team at Hereward Carpets