New underlay – do I need it?

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A common conversation we have with customers is; New underlay – do I need it?

Some people think that if they have underlay down they are set for life or for a long period of time and while underlay does last a long time it doesn’t last twice as long as carpets. By this I mean if you buy new underlay for your carpet you can’t just pull up your carpet in 5 or 10 years’ time and keep the underlay there for the next carpet, the biggest reason is lifespan.


Underlay has a lifespan but that lifespan depends on the quality of the underlay and how much use it gets. If your old carpet is say 12 years old, but the time your new carpet is 12 years old, the underlay will be 24years old and not doing a great job, so we would always recommend a new underlay with new carpet (unless you haven’t had the carpet down for too long).

New underlay will feel so much nicer, because the way underlay works is it takes the force of you walking rather than the carpet. This does two things; one it makes your new flooring feel softer and more comforting to walk on and two it enhances the life of your new carpet. If your underlay is then flat it will do nothing apart from make your carpet look old and worn with lumps and uneven wear.

Which one shall I buy?

When purchasing new underlay there are two things to think about. The first and most important one is budget, always buy the best that you can afford, this might seem silly or wrong at the time but this will definitely be worth it in the long run. The second thought is what area is it being used for? Stairs require something a bit more firm as you probably will not be laying on your stairs and you probably will be running up and down them when you are late for work. On the other hand your bedroom could be a lot softer as it will not have as much traffic and you will probably appreciate it some more when you first stand up in the morning.

Depending on the quantity of underlay you require, it sometimes doesn’t cost too much more to upgrade to the next quality.

We now have various carpets fitted on underlays in our large showroom so you can always pop in, take your shoes off and try them out for yourself.

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